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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my work.

I believe that empathy is the most important skill a cinematographer can develop. In order to realize the director’s visions, to share that vision with the camera department as well as other department heads, to somehow make visible the inner life of a character, and to ultimately create images that no matter how disparate, weave together to make a cohesive whole, one needs a great deal of empathy.

The power of film lies in its capacity for intimacy and human connection. From writing to post production, it is a collaborative process that can merge to an immersive experience for the audience, wherever and whenever our stories are told.

A film is made one image at time and for each and every one, in each and every scene, there is a litany of questions that lead to the final image. Some technical. How can we support and enhance the actors performance with the placement and movement of the camera? Which camera are we using? How many? Some emotional. How does this scene make me feel? The audience? How can we use color and light to unearth the deeper hidden emotions in the scene?

So many questions and so so many possible answers. All of them though are about understanding and sharing the feelings of others. About empathy.

What’s your story? How will we use light, color, and movement to create images that will leave a lasting impression on your audience?